Lost & Found Pets

       Soap Lake, Washington 98851

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Dogs that have been picked up by the Soap Lake Police Department are taken to the Soap Lake dog pound.   If  not claimed within 72 hours,  they are transported to Grant County Animal Outreach in Moses Lake.  


If your dog is missing, call 509-246-1122  to see if your pet is in the pound. (If MACC/911  answers,  ask to have a  SLPD officer phone you.) 


If your dog is not there, check recent posts on the Soap Lake for Locals Facebook page.  


To publicize information about a lost or found pet (cats, dogs or others), feel free to post the details (with a photo if possible) on the Soap Lake for Locals Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook account, email the information to soaplakeforlocals@gmail.com.  (Please cut and paste the address in your browser.)