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Soap Lake Police Department



City Hall:

Office door will be CLOSED for walk-ins.

Payment options:
     Over phone
     Via website
     Drop box in parking lot

If absolutely necessary, they will take

payments through a window at city hall.

Please use as a last option.


Akins Fresh Market, Soap Lake 

 Special  Hours for our Elders

   Monday, Thursday,  & Saturday 

                6 a.m. - 7 a.m.

60 years or older only

In an effort to help serve and protect our community and those most affected by the virus, we are going to open our store early to citizens that are 60 years or older, 3 days a week. Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 6am-7am. We kindly ask that only people 60 years or older come to the store during this time frame. We will be posted at the door in an effort to help this process.


Soap Lake Police Department

March 16 at 7:19 PM · 

      Please see what Akins states below! If you know of an elder that needs assistance, please assist! If you can not find anyone to help you, please call and speak to one of our officers! We will always help you when we can!   246 1122

If 911/MACC answers,  ask for a SLPD officer to phone you.

     Akins Fresh Market

March 16 at 6:31 PM 

     We would love to encourage the community to help our senior citizens or community members that might be high risk to this virus, to come shop for them. It’s in their best interest to stay home and not come into the store at all. If you know a senior or someone that is high risk please reach out to them and offer to help. We are here in support of you. All the best- Akins

eading 1

Police Department:

As of right now, front office is still open Monday through Thrusday 7 am to 5 pm, however please call 509-246-1122 to get any questions answered first.


For non-emergent calls for service, you will receive a phone call from our staff first before any contact is made. You will also receive additional questions from our dispatch center prior to dispatching us to your location.


We apologize for this inconvenience during these times. You will still see our staff patrolling, however the safety of our community, staff, and staff families is and always will be, our top priority.

  3/17/20 -posted on SLPD Facebook page

        Sewer Lines

Just received a phone call from our awesome public works. They want me to pass on some information:

     Only certain things can enter the sewer lines. Socks is not one of them. Disposable wipes are not meant for our system.

      And for those who have all the toilet paper in the world, this pandemic does not mean to increase your usage with each "disposal".

     All these issues cause clogs in our system! This could cost home owners!

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